Black B-Pass – All member


I: Finally…! It’s been 3 years since your last original album!!!
A: Why.., there’s no need to get so excited (lol)
I: Please don’t say something like that. This band interview will be our introduction of this magazine, so first of all would you tell us your first words directly after you completed the album?
Ru: First words? I can’t think of anything but „death“. There’s just death (lol)
U: haha
I: Death, he says (lol). So you became a corpse and deceased?
Ru: it means that it became a posthumous work
Re: hahaha! When we were done we felt as if we had run through it, right? When humans get extremely tired, you know…
Ru: they become „NIL*“ (lol) (* 無 is nothing or nil or just a negation, usually I would use „nothing“ here, but he’s making a pun, so I think NIL fits better)
Re: Yeah. And I’m glad that we made it in time.
Ru: However, I’ve thought: „we made it in time!“, but it didn’t really feel like we could take a breath
Kai: That’s true. I had a sense of relief, but not just that. I also had that small nagging feeling whether we really did everything we had to do (lol). Now that a little time passed and I listened to it again, I thought that it was a really good work though! Of course there isn’t a problem there (lol)
I: Eh? What does that mean?
U: Well, (the total time of the album) is around 45 minutes, but it feels shorter than that. Just like a fleeting moment. But it also feels like „For real? The time just went by like that?“. Our emotional fragility is pretty strong, right? That’s why you end up not knowing how much time in reality had passed.
Ru: So, with this we have said everything we had to say… thank you very much.
I: It’s not over yet (lol). Aoi, what do you think?
A: If I have to say something about the moment we finished…it was like waking up after falling unconscious
Re: That’s right (lol)
A: But everyone, right? But I think we did a good job. All of us used their last ounce of strength. The mixing took a lot of time and so we worked from midday to morning, started again around midday and repeated this pattern. Well, though, this backside is none of the listeners business, right?

I: That all of you are saying the same thing, means that the production of the album was harder than in the past?
A: For production, I think it’s getting harder every year… Well, that’s not just limited to music, but everything we’re releasing is taking quite some time, right?
I: in the last years it wasn’t just about you passing a judgment, but the work you directly worked on increased too, right?
A: I just want to release things, that are cool…I think that’s cool, that’s why it’s normal (that it takes time), right? Instead of doing this or that other people value I want to show them, I want them to listen and feel the things I think of as cool. And therefore time isn’t something to be picky about. Of course there are a different amounts of work, and I rarely were able to met the other member in the last 6 months, but nonetheless we were able to create one album and that was because we were already doing this for 16 years…. that’s why, is it okay to stop now?
I: Hahaha! We’re still in the introduction though (lol)
Ru: please prepare this with bold letters
Re: Well, should we move on to the personal interviews then? (lol)

I: Nono (lol). Let’s return to our topic, the GazettE can be grasped as a band that considers an ideology as important, but sometimes you’re faithfully doing the things you want to do and that makes you an unrestricted band, doesn’t it? After TOXIC, DIVISION, BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY and then DOGMA, you did NINTH. What kind of direction did you want to go this time?
Ru: Because DOGMA had a strong concept, it also had a link to the songs, right? That’s why this time, we wanted to show our pure self in the 9th album and present the road we went from our 1st work. Rather than an ideology as a music genre, I get the feeling that it is closer to a philosophy. I wonder if you’re able to see the GazettEs history (in this album)
I: It’s a piece compressed with legacies of the GazettE?
Ru: Well, yeah. Because we did many different things, we arrived here and that’s what we released accordingly. We removed things as „we want to do this image“ or „we want to be seen like that“ and just wanted to express „this is the current the GazettE“.
I: So you had some sort of theme, but you also didn’t, how did all of you grasp this guideline?
K: This having a theme, but not having a theme thing, came really naturally. It was just that we didn’t really talk about a concrete theme or concept!
Ru: yeah
K: So this time we didn’t have this moment where we came to understand the concept like in DOGMA. I also always wondered what this album was about. Of course I understood that it was the 9th album, but I also thought that NINTH was just a temporary title. But when we decided to officially announce NINTH, Rukis way to approach this album finally made sense to me.
Ru: I think we just talked about the place (of every song) during lives. Just whether it’s fun? Violent? Or something else…?

I: I see. While bristling with aggression on one hand, you have also songs like ballads or melodic ones overflowing with sorrow, right?
U: Yes. We already said that in the beginning, but we decided (for the songs) as if we chose a set list thinking about the lives. That was our foundation. Of course, I understood that because our previous work was DOGMA, we couldn’t just overpower that image. First of all, we never did something twice, after shaking off everything until then, we pretty much went with our natural way of doing things.
A: That’s why while thinking about a natural live, doesn’t automatically lead to getting a clear image of everything, so we went with creating songs and adjusting them, right? Even if you say „feeling of a live“, there are many different ways to make a live into one whole.

I: When it comes to the time that passed in order to steadily build something like NINTH, did all of you have a concrete overall picture which you shared with each other?
U: I just think that we didn’t really have a clear overall picture until the very end (lol)
A: Yeah, this time we probably didn’t have one, right?
I: That’s unexpected. Hence it was difficult?
Ru: We had difficulties to create songs which would be popular, but we didn’t really aim to create an ideology with this album. When we listened to the whole album from the beginning to the end, the flow was already good. I mean, after all, this was possible because DOGMA was there before and rather than creating a story like we did with DOGMA, we wanted to clearly show the current the GazettE.
A: That’s how it was, right? It’s also not right to say, that there wasn’t anything we wanted to do.
Ru: Yeah. If I’m told that there is no concept, I’m always like: „Yeah……“
I: Especially because you’re already doing this for 16 years, you’re convinced that you can create a proper album in naturally releasing your inner self, right?
Ru: That’s right… that’s why we said that we have an extremely normal way of creating albums, right? That means we’re creating an album with an introduction, development, turn and conclusion. Same for the title, but because we had no big topic, we went for expressing the current the GazettE.

I: We are suspecting that there might be a deeper meaning in NINTH
Ru: Yeah, right? In the last years that probably would have been the most natural. But this time I really can’t say anything but that it was this direction we chose (lol) (in showing the whole the GazettE and not doing a concept)
Re: Hahaha. Yeah (lol). Also, we always thought about what kind of concept would be a match for lives, but this basis of „match lives“ is becoming higher and higher every year! So this time we just included the songs in this album which lived up to this standard.

I: So after you had the songs, you came to understand the natural form of the GazettE and with this you were able to come up with a performance with all of you participating.
Ru: How did we do it?
Re: The participation of all of us this time was limited to meeting up for prepro (per-production) and was really just in the beginning (lol)
U: Well, we had phases which went smoothly and some that were tough, but this time we launched a system for the transfer of data and that went especially smooth, that’s why we had no stress transferring the data between the member.
Re: yeah. We’re really modern kids (lol), it was really useful, right?
U: Until now we always threw everything in a mail, and if you missed that mail, it was lost. This time we had a place where the data was always up to date and it was OK to just check this.
Ru: When you’re meeting up with the member, there’s always work you’ll bring home afterwards, so the piled up work was less then usually.
Re: And (for mails) if you have to use it and want to download the data, the expiration date is already over or things like that.
Ru: usually, right
Re: It’s already gone
U: It’s difficult to say: „send it again“, so sometimes you’re just waiting for the next file (lol)
All: ahahaha!
I: But you can’t proceed if you have to guess there, do you?! (lol) I understand how you’re feeling, though
A: fufu. But it was really useful, this program. You could also correct the files very fast, right?

I: The way you worked this time really suited the GazettE, right? If you just go by this interview it sounds as if everything proceeded very smoothly, though…
Ru: in reality it was „death“, right? (lol). The most difficult was to come up with songs. Until the vegetables can be harvest, right?
I: I see. You started from spreading the seeds.
Ru: Yeah. After the harvest the actual cooking can be kind of hard too, you hope it will end up good, wait and continue until it is done.
I: And here you lined up 12 hand-picked masterpieces, right?
Ru: That’s right. We also had a song which we couldn’t completely grasp until the very end. Like the song of Kiteretsu Daihyakka, right? Like that cabbage song (lol) (a song from that anime)

I: By the way, which song did you just barely finish?
Ru:….. Ah, let’s continue quickly, okay?
Re: Ahahahahaha!
I: Ah, I need to get inside! (They’re doing a pun here- it seems to be a line of the same song Ruki was talking about earlier)
Ru: It’s okay. It’s the 11th song „ABHOR GOD“.
Re: that was hard, right
Ru: It was the most important part that was heading to the end
I: That part was composed by the whole band, which is pretty rare for the GazettE right?
Ru: That’s right. Though I wasn’t present because I was separated from the others to come up with the lyrics.
Re: Well, he’s like a remote control (lol)
U: We had 3 different forms…no, even more?
K: definitely more
Re: And at the very end he still did some modulations, right?
Everone: hahahaha!
I: So it was like that? (lol) the „Wow-Wow-“ sing along too, is something fresh for the GazettE, right?
Ru: For that part, after I was done with the recording, everyone listened to it. We had no time for temporary vocals, so after the recording we passed it over just like this. On the other hand, I was really worried how the other 4 member created this song together. When I asked Uruha, he said something like „Reita jumped and then…“ They did it with a feeling of „If it’s like that you’ll jump, right?!“, that’s what he said.
Re: Well, I just did that jumping though, right? Furthermore, the next day my muscles hurt!
A: I refrained from touching it more than I needed and just carefully kept an eye on the progress (lol)
Ru: They told me which part was done by Kai, Reita and so on and I think that the part of the member which was involved in the creation comes out, right?
Re: You’re saying this, but when I send you the data and asked what you think, you replied with „What is everyone else thinking?“ (lol) you even wrote „I’m somehow troubled?“
U: That definitely makes you worry!
Re: I bet Ruki thought it will be different, right?
Ru: No, no (lol), it was rather…
K: Ruki gave off the feeling of „I want to go with this kind of feeling“, so we gathered all keywords and came up with this.
Ru: I actually intended to say that is sounds fun and that the violent feeling is nice, but the first sounds were pretty maniac, so I worried about this part.
Everyone: Ahahaha!
A: Especially those two (Uruha & Kai) received a lot of response! (lol)
U: We did, we really did.
K: Yes, yes (lol)
Ru: After we did it, how should I say this, it felt pretty dark in the beginning, right?!
Re: Ahahaha! I did something unforgivable, I guess
Ru: There was just one phrase in the introduction that was in the original song! That part was the part where I thought: „Oh, this is great!“. I was talking on the phone to get an advice, if it’s okay to make this phrase into the introduction.
A: The rest was no good (lol).
Ru: No-no! (lol) I just took that phrase and made it a little fast, right
U: That you made it faster was tough…
I: So for this one really all of you played with it, right?
Ru: That’s what it means (lol). Even though it looks like a turned over dining table, right?
Re: Like just eating the strawberry on top of a shortcake?
Everyone: Ahahahaha!
I: I see (lol). This funny mood will make the audience sing along the chorus, right?
Ru: I think it would be better if it’s that kind of ambiance.
A: So, we’re not singing this part, but the audience?
Ru: Well, I haven’t thought that far yet. They would sing this for us, wouldn’t they? In our case, even if we have such parts, we rarely let the audience sing.
Re: That’s true.
Ru: MAXIMUM IMPULSE is like that too, right? Just the members faces are slowly getting red.
Re: Yeah, it’s just me who’s turning red (lol)
A: Yeah. If you don’t hear the members singing the chorus (of the new songs)…
I: Yeah, I got the impression that you have many chorus parts in your new work, right?
Re: Well, we’ll find out during rehearsal, right?
A: Is there a part that seems impossible to do?
Ru: I think there isn’t.
Re: You’re always saying this! (lol)
A: Sometimes we have them, the parts where the rhythm you have to play differs completely from the rest are the most troubling ones, right?
I: Ah, I see. In this album you once again have a painful melodious song with a straight beat like UNFINISHED, but this one would have been unthinkable of in your previous album and doing this song with the current the GazettE as quite some impact. Weren’t you scared of going too far?
Ru: No, we weren’t
A: Oh, So you changed your opinion when we arrived here?

I: Oh, I see (lol). As your weapon, did you think of presenting the coolness of original and orthodox Visual Kei in this album?
Ru: Ah, no. I think we didn’t think about doing something aimed at others. You can say that we just wanted to do the things we thought were cool. If we would have done it earlier, it wouldn’t have persuaded us, and the old flair to it wouldn’t be as good if we did it. Originally we thought that bands with different types of songs were better. Because DOGMA was one of those works, we tended to think that the direction of the band turned into the same direction. For example, doing more metal parts. But for us we never thought about something like that.
I: It wasn’t intentional?
Ru: Even if it was something we were proud about, it isn’t intentional, right? There are times we intentionally leave something out, but for DOGMA we intentionally didn’t include singing parts, for example. That’s why our current album is, well you could say normal, it has a standard form.
I: I understand. And this time you released the MV of your opening track FALLING in advance, right? That is rare for the GazettE, and you could say that it was your intention to show it everyone in advance, but in doing something like that I could really feel that you’ve firm confidence in the band you are now.
K: We didn’t really think about our confidence for the band, but when we created FALLING everyone recognized it as a part of the beginning of NINTH and at that time too, we already had the impression that this felt like an introduction.
I: Ah, so it was the same for the fans right?
K: That’s why for me, we when we created the songs, I had FALLING in my head as „the beginning“ and was listening to it a lot!
U: So we thought that if we didn’t sell it, but released it for free for the first time actually, it would definitely raise the level of familiarity, so that’s why I‘m glad that we have FALLING. I also heard opinions saying that it was a song with high standard, so FALLING helped rising the expectation for NINTH, right? That’s why I think that this song is a great entry to an album where you’re able to enjoy yet another way of striking. That’s why the album has a really great flow, right? From FALLING to UNFINISHED you can enjoy a wide amplitude and it was properly calculated, so it turned out all right in the end, didn’t it?
I: With showing a glimpse of the album in advance it was far from having no influence at all and therefore everyone could listen to it more effectively, right?
U: Exactly. There is no need to continue with the same type of song and therefore the songs won’t disappoint you.

I: What do you think, Aoi, when you look at the lined up songs of the album?
A: While I had troubles to grasp the whole image until everything was done, it turned into a piece I definitely can agree on, right? Until now I honestly didn’t think that I would be really into them, but after working on them I think we were able to line up songs that tell a story!
Re: Yeah. They’re easy to listen to and they give of a feeling of combining everything. We will also perform songs that aren’t on this album, but it doesn’t seem as if we’ll remember a strange feeling when we combine those and I think that is how the GazettE should be right now.
K: In my case… it was a work, where the process felt different and more special than usually while we were chased by time, but we had a lot of mixed feelings, right? There was anxiousness in the middle, and the usual relief after we finished the producing, and we didn’t have an album piled up with such feelings until now. We also didn’t produce this album as in giving your best to catch up with your own feelings, but without work and feelings getting out of sync, both proceeding forward at the same time. The songs definitely moved on with us. This time I really felt like this and it felt refreshing, right?

I: I see. How was it for you Ruki?
Ru: We were really observed in the creation of every single song, so that’s something the fans couldn’t see yet, right? Our thoughts for every single song were pretty strong…. But there is no doubt that we released everything we had. We were chased by deadlines, but I can say that we didn’t compromise. Compromise or sleep, it was one or the other, so even though we had way to less time, I got the impression that we made it to the end. That’s also for the staff and the engineers, right? If it were the other way around, I think I would have quit. If you think about it, engineer usually don’t have to do an all-nighter, right?
K: haha, they could easily get angry at us for that, right?
Ru: That’s why, everything until now will probably not come again and I think that this is an album which harbors such a life

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